How do you use PatchKits?
You can use PatchKits to patch holes on your clothes or to simply decorate them. PatchKits will work on clothes, backpacks, hat—anything made of fabric that you CAN iron. 

What material can I use a PatchKit patch on? 
PatchKit patches are iron-on, so you should not use them on any clothes that cannot be ironed at high heat (e.g. leather, silk, nylon), so don't apply them to your favorite Uniqlo puffy jacket, because the iron will melt the material. 

How do I apply a PatchKit patch? 
Simple! First, pick a patch that is about the same thickness as the piece of clothing you're going to place it on. For example, use the denim patches on jeans, and the thinner cotton patches on cotton shirts. Then place the patch, glue-side down, on your clothing. Apply a hot iron for about 30 second, making sure to move it around. Then gently test the edges to make sure it's secured in place. If the edges come up, then just apply the iron again. If they don't, then you're done! Wait for it to cool off and you're good to go. 

Are PatchKit patches washable? 
Yes! All PatchKit patches are pre-washed, so they won't shrink in the wash. You can wash them according to the instructions for the main article of clothing that they're attached to. 

I no longer see a pattern available that I used to buy. Will it be restocked?
We create our patches seasonally, so fabric types and patterns tend to change. That said, feel free to email us at info@superideacollective.com to double check if something may be coming back and be sure to include pictures if you have any. 

Do you offer refunds? 
You can return any item in it's original condition and packaging within 14 days of receipt of delivery. We cannot offer exchanges at this time, but you can reorder a different style if you'd like.